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5 States Leading the Charge in Transportation Infrastructure

Posted by Edward Dill on Jul 26, 2017 10:04:00 AM

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Transportation infrastructure is a huge challenge in the U.S. The federal government is in the process of evaluating the country’s most pressing infrastructure needs, but for the most part, states are responsible for managing their own infrastructure in-house. Some states take the issue more seriously than others; here are the states leading the charge in terms of innovative, forward-thinking transportation spending.

The longstanding leader in American travel innovation is, unsurprisingly, the most populous state in the country. CA is constantly working on new transportation infrastructure from a high-speed rail line from San Francisco to LA to the implementation of hydrogen fuel centers for alternative fuel cell vehicles. The state has promised over $50 billion in the next decade towards road and bridge infrastructure improvements alone. California’s stated priorities when it comes to statewide infrastructure include “mobility, safety, and sustainability.”

Most people don’t think of Nevada when they think of transportation, but NV is one of the most progressive states in the country on the transit front. For years, Nevada’s 2,000+ bridges have been ranked “best” in the country; they’re professionally inspected every two years by state mandate. A declining state population is currently threatening funding for what were once some of the best-maintained roads in the country, but the state has recently been on the receiving end of over $60 million in federal transportation grants.

Oregon could receive the “most improved” award for its transportation infrastructure over the last decade. Only 5% of the state’s bridges are “structurally deficient” (compared to a national average of over 9%) and the state has some of the nation’s best roads. New taxpayer proposals would add $8 billion to the state’s transportation budget, most of which would be used to widen roads and decrease traffic as OR becomes more urban.

TN is tied with its neighbor MO for bordering the most other states in the U.S. The state has an unmatched number of interstate highway connections and its roads are consistently ranked some of the best-maintained. In addition to the busiest cargo airport in the western hemisphere (Memphis International), Tennessee is home to six different Class 1 railways. It’s also the only state in the country with zero transportation debt meaning all new funding goes directly to implementation, not interest.

The state of Arizona has done a really good job of managing its own infrastructure expenditures. The state’s 8,000+ bridges are relatively well-maintained and its roads are consistently upgraded to accommodate additional motorized transit. AZ is currently seeking funding for light rail projects, new airport terminals, and streetcars within its major metropolitan areas.


Aptus Group is highly invested in the state of American infrastructure, particularly within the transportation sector. Bridges are a critical component of the country’s transit network and they’re increasingly in need of repair due to age, material degradation, and utility requirements.

For more information on how Aptus is working to improve transit in the U.S., contact us today.

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