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3 Reasons to Build Your Career With Aptus

Posted by Edward Dill on Jun 20, 2017 10:08:00 AM

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Aptus is the leader in bridge-attached utilities. We’re always looking for motivated professionals to join one of our North American teams… are you a fit for our team?

We strive to offer the kind of workplace we’d want to work in. Here are three reasons you should consider whether it’s time to Go Aptus.

  1. Work for the best.
    Whether you’re just getting started in your career in utilities construction or you’ve got decades of experience under your belt, why not work for the best? You’ll have the opportunity to contribute to large-scale projects of national relevance. You’ll gain experience through hands-on troubleshooting and innovation implementation. You’ll stand side-by-side with the best professionals in the field, working together to create solutions that will stand the test of time. When you want to produce the best results, Aptus is the only choice.

  2. Be part of a team.
    Here at Aptus, we believe in the power of the team. Our specialists work in teams designed specifically for the kind of work we encounter often, from inspection teams to maintenance crews and everything in between. Your team will be your backbone, providing structure and stability to each unique job. Everyone on your team has a role to fill, and everyone’s job is important. When you’re working on projects as significant as bridge utilities, everyone matters.

  3. Get creative.
    Most people don’t think of bridge-attached utilities as a creative field. Those people are wrong! It’s our job at Aptus to come up with unique solutions for extremely nuanced issues, from drainage trouble to rust malfunction to vibration-caused pipeline failure. If the idea of doing the same thing day-in and day-out gets you down, we understand. No two jobs are ever the same at Aptus and that’s an exciting challenge. Only through our years of experience are we able to offer our clients the most comprehensive, creative strategies in bridge utilities.

The Aptus team is growing. Are you interested in being part of it?
We’re always looking for qualified technicians, skilled labor, project managers, and regional sales specialists, among others. We’d love to hear why your qualifications and goals make you a good fit for Aptus. Drop us a line at or inquire about open positions using our contact form.

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