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3 Countries on the Forefront of Infrastructure Innovation

Posted by Edward Dill on Aug 28, 2017 11:47:24 AM

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Infrastructure encompasses a lot of disciplines. From rail to telecom, the physical infrastructure of a country is a mark of its success. The most competitive countries in the world continually challenge conventional notions of infrastructure: Its characteristics, its limitations, its impact on the natural world.

Which countries are the most innovative when it comes to infrastructure? From southeast Asia to Europe and beyond, here are three nations that are changing the framework of their cities.

  1. Singapore
    Singapore (technically a city-state) has long been one of the most innovative countries in the world. Within its own small borders, Singapore has launched some of the most forward-thinking projects in the space. The country’s Electronic Road Pricing system has almost single-handedly improved traffic and maximized toll revenue. Singapore is renowned for having the best port infrastructure in the world, allowing it to rise as a global superpower. Singapore’s infrastructure projects are so progressive the country even played host to the 2017 Global Infrastructure Initiative in May of this year.
  2. The Netherlands
    As one of the most densely-populated countries in the world, transportation in The Netherlands is a huge part of the area’s economy. Of particular interest is the country’s investment in cycling as a viable method of transportation, from solar-powered bike baths to entirely car-free cities. Since the Netherlands is also heavily dependent on its economic relationships with its neighbors, its HSL (High Speed Line) and cargo railroad Betuweroute are critically important to its overall success. The Netherlands is a case study in how connective infrastructure shapes sustainable economies.
  3. Japan
    It’s no surprise that perennially cutting-edge nation Japan should land on a list of innovative countries. Japan’s country-wide rail system is inarguably the best in the world; it’s air infrastructure is consistently one of the top in Asia. Where Japan really excels is in the art of bridge-building, bridges being one of the most overlooked measures of infrastructure innovation. Japan’s best range from heart-stopping suspension bridges to bridges constructed over impossibly dangerous waters, and most of its bridges are capable of carrying significant car and pedestrian traffic, too. As Japan improves its internal utility infrastructure, its extensive bridge network will undoubtedly play a large role in the adoption of bridge-attached utilities.


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