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How to Join the Aptus Team

Posted by Edward Dill on Feb 28, 2018 9:19:00 AM

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The team at Aptus has over 250 years of combined experience in management and construction. We’re the premiere full-service underbridge piping company in the United States, and our team is what sets us apart.

You’ll love working at Aptus. We have teams located all over the U.S. (including our corporate headquarters in Charlotte, NC) to strategically position our crews where our customers need them most. It’s Aptus’ belief that investing in the best equipment, the best training, and the best people pays dividends.

Ready to join the Aptus team? We’re always happy to hear from experienced project managers, utilities professionals, and knowledgeable workers from the construction industry. If you think your skillset is right for Aptus, here’s how to get in touch.


First, submit your resume.

You can do this in person at our brick-and-mortar location in Charlotte which is located at 11704 Reames Road. Or, if it’s more convenient, feel free to submit your resume online on Aptus’ jobs page. The forms go directly to our inbox, so we’ll be sure to see your submission. Feel free to browse our career site to see which positions we’re hiring for right now, and also which of our locations are actively hiring.

If you have specific questions regarding current openings, you can reach our HR department at (704) 598-5684. You can also reach out to us on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn, but to ensure your message is received, please use one of the other recommended methods as well.


Once you’ve submitted your resume…

If our HR department is interested in your particular qualifications, they’ll reach out directly to set up a quick phone interview. Be sure to include all relevant contact information on your resume so they don’t have trouble getting in touch!

If you’re selected for a follow up interview, you’ll work with HR to come up with a time to schedule an in-person interview at our corporate office in Charlotte.


Welcome to the Aptus Team!

Human Resources will let you know as soon as possible after your in-person interview if you’ve been chosen to join the Aptus team. Welcome aboard!

From here, you’ll fill out all your new-hire paperwork, complete any online training and certification you might require, and then you’ll be assigned to a crew. You’ll quickly gain experience working in the field as part of a hands-on Aptus crew where you’ll tackle some of the most exciting and complex issues in bridge utilities maintenance, repair, and installation.


The Aptus team is always growing and always looking for dedicated professionals like you.



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