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How American Infrastructure Will Change in 2018

Posted by Edward Dill on Jan 4, 2018 9:47:00 AM


American infrastructure is in dire straits, depending on who you ask. There’s no question some of America’s largest infrastructure projects are due for an overhaul, and that many American cities are chronically underserved by the very infrastructure meant to help them grow.

How will infrastructure change in 2018? Which challenges will be addressed head-on, and which will take a backseat to more pressing problems?

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Topics: Infrastructure, sustainable water management.

How Bridge Piping Keeps Telecom Cabling Safe

Posted by Edward Dill on Dec 27, 2017 9:02:00 AM


Bridge piping is an integral component of modern telecom utilities. With over 600,000 bridges in the United States (many of which support extensive cabling networks managed by both public and private utilities,) it’s no surprise bridges are some of the most commonly utilized utility supports in the country.

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Topics: Bridge Pipelines, Telecom Cabling

How "The Cloud" Affects Telecom Infrastructure

Posted by Edward Dill on Dec 21, 2017 9:54:00 AM


The network environment is rapidly changing. Cloud-based computing is the future of telecom, and it’s having a profound impact on the way infrastructure is built and maintained.

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Topics: Telecom, Infrastructure

INFOGRAPHIC: Eight Cities on the Verge of a Telecommunications Influx

Posted by Edward Dill on Dec 15, 2017 9:02:00 AM
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Telecom Bridge Infrastructure Maintenance 101

Posted by Edward Dill on Dec 12, 2017 9:07:00 AM

Telecommunications infrastructure relies on bridges to bring voice, data, and high-speed internet to people around the world. Here in the U.S., many of today’s most notable technological advancements would not be possible without continued improvement to the country’s telecom infrastructure system.

Bridge-attached telecom utilities are particularly vulnerable to the elements. Conversely, they’re typically much easier to modify than telecom utilities that are buried or otherwise inaccessible. The basis of maintaining bridge-attached utilities for telecom is simple.

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Topics: Telecom, Infrastructure, Bridges

How New Technologies are Improving Telecom Infrastructure

Posted by Edward Dill on Nov 29, 2017 9:03:00 AM


Telecom infrastructure is the physical network providing telecommunications services to cities, towns, and even whole countries. Telecom is one of the fastest-changing industries in the world, particularly among underdeveloped countries that are in the midst of never-before-seen connectivity booms.

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Topics: Telecom, Technology

The 4 Most Common Types of Bridge Piping

Posted by Edward Dill on Nov 20, 2017 9:09:00 AM


Aptus works with a wide variety of bridge piping materials. Depending on the specific application, dozens of materials are suitable to house and contain bridge-attached utilities. It’s imperative for the durability of utilities that the proper material(s) be implemented as early as possible.

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Topics: Bridge Pipelines

Public Bridges, Private Utilities: The Role of Telecom

Posted by Edward Dill on Nov 9, 2017 9:10:00 AM


There are over 600,000 bridges in the United States. A vast majority of are publicly traveled and managed by local, state, or federal agencies such as the Department of Transportation. As public-facing utilities have changed, so too have their interconnectivity with bridge infrastructure. Let’s look at how the telecom industry’s unprecedented growth has affected America’s public bridge network.

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Topics: Telecom, Bridges, Private Utilities

The Many Components of Modern Telecommunication Utilities

Posted by Edward Dill on Nov 2, 2017 12:22:28 PM


Modern telecom utilities are complicated. As the needs of businesses and individuals change, the physical infrastructure that keeps us connected struggles to keep up. Aptus is grateful for the collaborative opportunities the telecommunications industry provides…advancements in telecom are happening every single day.

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Behind the Scenes at Aptus

Posted by Edward Dill on Oct 26, 2017 9:03:00 AM


Some people aren’t sure what to expect when they work with a bridge utilities expert. At Aptus, we’ve been perfecting our process for decades. We’ve worked hard to develop an in-house system that serves our clients and accelerates their goals. Our team is second-to-none in the bridge utilities industry.

Want a peek behind the scenes at Aptus? Here’s what happens when you set the wheels of contact in motion…

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