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The Story Behind the “Aptus” Name

Posted by Edward Dill on Feb 1, 2017 9:42:00 AM


In bridge utilities, the name “Aptus” is well known. We have our decades of combined experience and commitment to superior quality to thank for that!

But why “Aptus,” and what does it mean?
Do you know the story behind our name, and how it relates to what we do?

The word aptus is derived from Latin, meaning variations of “suitable,” “fitting,” and most importantly, “connected.” Bridges are the ultimate connectors, spanning physical spaces that are otherwise wholly separate. Those bridges – and the utilities they service – help connect us all.

It’s in the spirit of connection that we decided on the name Aptus. We began our business under the name Conduit Constructors, building a great reputation and brand loyalty.  We decided to make a name change to something that we felt would be more inclusive of all of the services we offer the marketplace, and more representative of who we are. We vetted many possibilities and ultimately landed on Aptus, which just seems to fit. We officially renamed the company in 2016.

Like bridges, we here at Aptus are connectors. We don’t just perform bridge utility inspections, we manage them; we don’t just construct utility solutions, we oversee them. Our experience allows us to most effectively connect the various parties needed to complete bridge utility work efficiently and cost-effectively, from bidding to purchasing to hands-on work. We truly believe that a team is only as strong as its weakest link, so it’s our job to ensure there are no weak links.

We have offices all throughout the U.S. to better connect our clients with the services and solutions they need. From our corporate headquarters in Charlotte, NC, to our regional offices in Florida, Maryland, Texas, Indiana and beyond, we’ve situated ourselves both professionally and physically to serve the markets where our services are most valuable.

We think the bridge utility space is complicated enough without the hassle of maintaining communication, product and staff sourcing, and quality assurance on your own. With over 250 years of combined experience, our teams know exactly how to execute your project, and also how to troubleshoot the inevitable roadblocks that stand in your way. From permitting to machinery to construction, Aptus connects you with the best in the business.

“Connections” aren’t just introductions, they’re meaningful, beneficial relationships. Our goal is to provide our clients with the kind of turnkey service they can’t find anywhere else. It’s why we’ve developed sustained working relationships with so many industries: telecom, municipal, natural gas, DOTs, and more.

Connections make things stronger. How can Aptus be a bridge between you and a more successful project?

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