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Why Great People Make Great Companies

Posted by Edward Dill on Mar 8, 2017 9:33:19 AM

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As the saying goes, “You’re only as good as the company you keep.” At Aptus, we take that insight seriously. One of the tenets of our business is to develop experts in the field of bridge utilities maintenance, so we invest in people just like we do equipment.

Turnover in the Construction Industry
It’s no secret that the construction industry has a reputation for high turnover. Many jobs are seasonal, filled by warm bodies rather than experienced, skilled crew. Unfortunately, hiring just to meet a quota or get the work “done” can produce subpar results. It can also introduce safety hazards to the jobsite and cost the builder money in the long run when inevitable problems occur. Inexperienced workers don’t know how to spot issues before they become costly, and they can end up taking longer to complete a job than trained professionals.

Better People Make for Better Work
At Aptus, we see things differently. We understand the value of training and experience, even if that means using more resources to build up a great team. Because we offer such specific services – bridge utilities installation, maintenance, and inspections – it’s imperative that our crews be well-versed in the nuances of the industry. We wouldn’t expect a general contractor to be able to spot creeping corrosion on a bridge’s natural gas line, and you shouldn’t either. Only trained, experienced bridge utility workers know exactly what to look for and how unique each solution can be.

Hiring for the Long Term
We believe that hiring for the season or for a specific project is a short-term solution; a Band-Aid to a larger staffing issue. At Aptus, our crews learn to work together as a team and feel secure in the longevity of their jobs, regardless of workflow. They take a lot of pride in what they do, and in doing it well. Bridge utilities projects are highly-specialized and come with a host of safety concerns traditional construction projects don’t. We believe in being fast, efficient, and cost-effective, but we also believe in being thorough, preventative, and safe. It’s just how we’ve structured our teams.


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